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I don’t believe in compromises. I believe that anyone can win… as long as we’re all going for it. Put your heads together and watch a permanent change happening. You and your company benefit. Result: better performance, more enthusiasm and employees and customers that don’t wanna leave your side for a second.

Changing takes time. That is why I believe in investing. Of time, of resources, of people and of patience. Because a new way of working is not easily established, a culture change not made within a year. It’s the people that make a business successful, not the processes. Once you’ve won your people over there is no stopping to it.

That’s why I work hard to get the best out of your people and your organization. To get busy in a good way. With training and established techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and personality profiles, but also with humor, creativity and a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

I am energetic, sincere, practical, professional and experienced.


I am Sigrid of Good Busy.

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