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About Good Busy

Sigrid’s experience

Since 2005 I have been working in customer service. This varies from large call and contact centers, to in-house customer service departments. I started as an agent on the phone, then a number of years as a supervisor/team leader and after that some time as team manager at a department with a span of control of 100 employees.

At my last employer I started working with the lean six sigma methodology and I was immediately excited. I learned much more about it and obtained a Green Belt. Improving processes and getting the best out of people are things that have always interested me and lean provides a nice framework to achieve this together. I am currently busy working towards my lean six sigma black belt certificate.

I started Good Busy Consultancy in 2015 in order to combine all the fields where I feel happy in. Especially achieving results and implementing and improving processes as a manager as well as directing, encouraging and developing employees as trainer and coach.
In such a role, I feel comfortable and I can deploy all my abilities. I love sharing my knowledge and best practices with organizations that ask my help to assist them in implementing certain improvements.

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