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Communication Techniques

Do customers understand what you are telling them exactly how you mean it? And of course vice versa you can also ask… Do you understand what others are telling you exactly how they mean it? I’ll help you to transfer and receive the message in a clear and positive way. That is communication at its best.

Communication techniques: Open communication is the key to success

Communicating is something you do all day long and for your customer service department it’s even their core business. It is therefore extremely important to excel in this. So make sure you come across as clear, pleasant and convincing. Whether in a phone conversation with your customer, the weekly team meeting with your employees or that important presentation for a new client.

In learning how to communicate smarter, we’ll practice with theory, practical cases, feedback and role playing games in one or more of the following areas:
•    Telephone training interview techniques
•    Dealing with “difficult” customer
•    Speech with style
•    Constructive feedback giving and receiving
•    Meeting techniques


Are you looking for effective ways to lift your communication techniques to the next level? Contact me. I like to discuss with you what I can do for you.

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